Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eliana's First Birthday

Well there you go. Just as quick as that we have finished the first year of Eliana's life. During the year it was often slow but looking back it was a speedy year. She is turning into an amazingly fun, opinionated and playful little girl. Not walking yet but crawling at full speed. She is also into technology which works for me. Her first place to go is the stereo equipment when the cabinet door is open! I can remember so clearly when she was born at 3lb 6oz and when we took her home from the hospital at 7lbs+ and now she is a 20lb plus little bucket of love. It is clear to me that the most important aspect of her little life, outside of the sovereignty of God that brought her to us, is the support of our family and friends. Her birthday party today was a total demonstration of friends supporting friends as some stored food, others cut vegetables, others transported items, others help setup an clean up. Too many to list here but we thank you all for everything that you are doing to make Eliana and Patrick's life that much more special. Enjoy a few pictures from the festivities today and may you have a happy and safe 4th of July. Maybe she can teach her brother to enjoy fireworks!!! Thanks for reading

Eliana's First B-Day Party from Jim Turner on Vimeo.