Monday, September 29, 2008

The roller coaster continues

So after 23 hrs of regular contractions that convinced the birth parents that today was the day...they just stopped. Some people call them Braxton Hicks contractions but I am not the expert in this subject. So we wait on God's timing to see what adventure lies next. Hopefully a doctor's appointment will happen tomorrow but not even that is certain...Maybe this mystery will be solved one day.

Keep checking


Could today be it????

The contractions started again last night around 6pm and as of this
morning have not stopped. So the birth mother (Stephanie) is convinced
that it will be today. We are waiting for the phone call to go to the
hospital since she likes to spend as little time at the hospital as

So pray for the process today and everyone involved.

I will give you more details when they are available.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday September 27th update

Nothing happened last night. There was no second call from the birth father so I assume the contractions subsided. I am hoping and praying for a birth this weekend as I head up the mountain this morning

We will see


Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday September 26th part 2

The birth father called Vivian tonight and said that the contractions were very hard and he thought that he might call her back tonight and say that they were off to the hospital. So that could happen anytime tonight but as I have said before "It is not about what I want" so we wait but we feel like we are getting closer. It still could be any day but I wonder.....

That's all for now


Friday September 26th Update

Well guess what...there is no child yet! I think we are all getting tired of hearing that. Vivian and I are always asking the question "When will he come?" But all things are in God's timing and the more he waits the bigger he will be and some say that makes him have a better chance at being that much more healthy so we wait.

I wanted to update the blog since I know everyone is checking and waiting expectantly with us. The Doctor did guess Sunday the 28th so maybe he will be correct.

Thanks for praying and checking in


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tues Sept 23nd update

It is still a guessing game with the medical doctor choosing Sunday the 28th as the due date and the birth mother choosing an earlier date. She probably settled on and earlier date because the last week of any pregnancy is definitely not comfortable for her. At Monday's doctor's appointment she was only 1cm but that can change fast. Regardless, it appears that the life changing moment will be here in less than 1 week so although we have been waiting and wondering the time is near.

Tonight I am writing on the blog, drinking a nice red wine and figuring out which work task to do next.

Next week at this time I will probably be helping with diaper changes, laundry or any of the various task that come with new life. But the gift of life is well worth it. It is part of God's sovereign plan and I am thankful to be chosen to be apart of it.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enjoying the Wait

I have been up in Crestline (San Bernadino Mountains) since Wednesday waiting for Patrick's arrival. Jim has now joined me for the weekend, and we are staying in the guest home of the Gatons Family, who are friends of a friend in our small group at Compass. It has been beautiful and wonderful to have a few days of solitude, and I am glad that Jim can be local for a couple of days as well.

As for Stephanie's contractions, they are full strength and 10 (or so) minutes apart from about 4 p.m. until 2 a.m., and then they tend to stop. So she is progressing, albeit slowly. Since Patrick's earliest due date is not until 9-25, we are still early, even though it seems to be taking forever! Our birth family is doing well and hopefully we will be able to see them briefly while we are in Crestline (assuming the baby doesn't arrive today!)

It has been a good week of waiting on the Lord's timing and listening to His leading to keep the anxiety at bay. These mountains are so beautiful, and I have been able to slow down and enjoy these few days without a task list, because the time is coming when we will both be VERY busy with parenting tasks. God knows exactly what we need, and if I were at home in Aliso Viejo, I'd be spinning about all the things that need to get done before the baby arrives. But since I am not there, it's sort of "out of sight, out of mind." It will be good for Jim to enjoy some relax time as well.

As for Parenthood, we are definitely ready for it. My head is filled with all this book knowledge (which I will most likely have to throw out the window when it comes to practically working with our actual child,) but it is there nonetheless. I am excited about what God has for us along this journey, and I can't wait to meet the child that He has chosen for us. Hopefully, our next post will have stories and pictures of our new baby boy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The weekend to wait and enjoy!

We are in Crestline this weekend enjoying the beautiful mountains and fresh air. Vivian has been up since Wednesday and I arrived tonight (Friday 9PM). I have stopped thinking about ideal situations because they usually don't arrive and it just proves that I am not in charge anyway, which I know, but it is always worth a reminder. It is possible that Patrick will be born this weekend but that is up to God as I have reminded myself before. And as 1 person said, "Don't be in a rush since it doesn't end for more than 18 years after you start" Depending on when he is born we may stay up here for a few days or we may return to Aliso Viejo depending on how we feel and other issues. Until then....we wait and wait and wait and take comfort in the fact that we are waiting on God who creates life and sustains life everyday.

Off to the weekend!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Nursery

Now some out their in blog land are wondering, why do we want to see the nursery!!! But others are wondering what it looks like etc. So here are the pictures as best as I could take them in a small room. So without further discussion take a look at the picture in this blog and surf over to The Nusery for a few pics


Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Move

God has once again provided in His amazing ways. The birth parents and their seven kids who were in serious need of housing and have not much money now have the keys to a new small house on 1 acre of land. And it has plumbing and a cool is that. In addition the money that God's people raised should last for about 9 months of rent!!!

7 of us (family and friends) are going up to Crestline this Saturday to help them move stuff from the storage unit to the new place. It is wonderful to see God's people come together and help others in need without thinking twice. This is a beautiful example of what the family of God can do when we keep our eyes focused on Christ and not ourselves. Not that christians in the O.C. ever have problems with that one!!! ha!