Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Move

God has once again provided in His amazing ways. The birth parents and their seven kids who were in serious need of housing and have not much money now have the keys to a new small house on 1 acre of land. And it has plumbing and a cool is that. In addition the money that God's people raised should last for about 9 months of rent!!!

7 of us (family and friends) are going up to Crestline this Saturday to help them move stuff from the storage unit to the new place. It is wonderful to see God's people come together and help others in need without thinking twice. This is a beautiful example of what the family of God can do when we keep our eyes focused on Christ and not ourselves. Not that christians in the O.C. ever have problems with that one!!! ha!


John said...

God is good... all the time! What great news for the family. Paige and I are looking forward to seeing pics and stories of little Patrick!

How about some pictures of the nursery, eh?

Jim said...

as you wish!!! see the new post