Friday, September 19, 2008

The weekend to wait and enjoy!

We are in Crestline this weekend enjoying the beautiful mountains and fresh air. Vivian has been up since Wednesday and I arrived tonight (Friday 9PM). I have stopped thinking about ideal situations because they usually don't arrive and it just proves that I am not in charge anyway, which I know, but it is always worth a reminder. It is possible that Patrick will be born this weekend but that is up to God as I have reminded myself before. And as 1 person said, "Don't be in a rush since it doesn't end for more than 18 years after you start" Depending on when he is born we may stay up here for a few days or we may return to Aliso Viejo depending on how we feel and other issues. Until then....we wait and wait and wait and take comfort in the fact that we are waiting on God who creates life and sustains life everyday.

Off to the weekend!!!

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