Sunday, August 31, 2008

September 2008 - The Birth Month

If all things go according to what we know, the birth of Patrick James Turner will happen during the last week of September. It has been and still is an emotional journey. It started 3 1/2 years ago when I (Jim) was talking to a colleague at an auction we were both working. My colleague had already adopted 2 boys from Nightlight adoption agency in Fullerton, CA and I was happy that someone else had done the research into the the different agencies that did adoptions. The process was a long one, mostly due to our slowness, but was completed in November of 2007. In June of 2008 we got the call that we were one of 2 couples that were chosen by a particular birth couple. And the adventure began. 2 weeks later we were "officially chosen" by the birth couple. The journey is filled with emotional ups and downs, showers, visits and all sorts of fun stuff. Now we prepare and wait. Today I did some useful but not so important tasks such as putting up blinds, securing the changing table, organizing the garage, etc. What lies next is up to God in whom we trust

So here we are on labor day weekend and we are learning more about trusting God and resting in His timing.

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