Sunday, December 21, 2008

Patrick's first trip!!

This weekend the family went to Paso Robles to visit our good friends the Kaiser's and enjoy time in the beautiful countryside of the central coast. As usual he was the life of any gathering, even when being a bit fussy at A.J. Spurs for dinner. Patrick of course ordered a bottle of infant formula! Highlights of the weekend include sleeping during the 4.5 hr drive both ways, sleeping 8.5 hrs on Saturday night, spending time with our good friends and seeing the new home of Templeton Community Church, a building that they own!! For those who are not familiar with the church, Vivian and I were part of the group that helped start the church 16 years ago and now they have their own building. Very exciting. We enjoy seeing Patrick develop each day and are thankful for all of the people that support us through this journey. Soon he will get to experience his first Christmas

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Paige said...

OH, wish we could have come with you to visit the central coast! Patrick is such a FANTASTIC sleeper, three cheers for Patrick!