Saturday, January 24, 2009

Growing, Changing, and Hanging With Family

It is amazing how much Patrick has grown and changed within the last month. We call him our "little man" because he looks just like a miniature adult, expressions and all. Patrick's recent activities include working on his core muscles, trying (constantly) to sit up or roll over, and making us laugh with his cooing and high energy squealing. Most mornings Patrick wakes up a very happy baby; we are thrilled to watch his daily development and share in his new discoveries. Patrick is very inquisitive and enjoys being social with almost anyone, but he seems to have a knack for charming the ladies. I finally broke down and bought him a onesie that reads "Chicks dig me," which seems to be quite true these days!

We enjoyed a great visit with my cousin Denise and her family last weekend in La Jolla. As usual, Patrick was a trooper traveler, and we all had a great time. Patrick found two new buddies in his second cousins Helena and Jordan, and he enjoyed strolling along the beach with Jim and Denise, checking out the waves and catching a few rays of sunshine on the Pacific Ocean! We look forward to a few more car trips with Patrick before he becomes mobile, which could be sooner than we expect, based on his recent determination to roll over. I have nicknamed him "Protracter Man" because he pushes himself around on his side in his crib, making a 45 degree arc with his body. It's hilarious to come into his room after he has been awake for a few minutes, since we never know in what position we will find him! Stay tuned for more adventures from Patrick's Crib! Thanks for reading.

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