Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Roll Over Project -- all the way!!!

Our little bumblebee has now figured out how to roll over all the way. Thus we find him at various parts of the room when we are not looking. This must be a precursor to crawling when we will never be able to find him :)


Unknown said...

Way to go Patrick! Is that the onesie we gave him that he always throws up on? lol

Lauren di Matteo said...

So cute! He'll be crawling by the time I see him! Can't wait! :-)

Mary said...

Hey you two happy parents. So fun to see this. I ran across your Christmas note and found the blogspot today and thought I'd say hello. Your little guy is growing so fast and I can see he's making you happy. Can't wait to meet him. Viv, I saw you singing Sat. night at church. My gr'daughter and I go there most Sat. evenings now and love it. Hope to get a change to visit one of these days soon. God bless you both. love, Mary