Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Aw, Mom. I was just playing with my friends!"

We are enjoying adventurous days with Patrick in our house! Today I put him down for his morning nap, started the colorful animal mobile that we use to help Patrick go down during naps, and bid my little boy "night-night." I went downstairs and started my morning task list, and I heard a "bang" that came from upstairs. I assumed that the breeze from the ceiling fan had closed Patrick's door, since that happens quite often. Since Patrick cannot yet sit up on his own or stand in the crib, I didn't think much about the sound. I went on about my business, showered, etc. I happened to walk by Patrick's room about an hour later and I noticed that his door was not completely closed. "Well, then," I thought, "what could that sound have been?" I walked into his room and saw what you are seeing in the attached photos: Our "he-man" son decided that he wanted to play with the animals on his mobile, so he yanked the whole contraption down (it was bolted to the top of the crib,) probably played a bit, and promptly went to sleep. Patrick knew that the animals would be there when he woke up, so he could relax and take his nap in peace.

Our little crawling wonder continues to surprise us with his strength, his determination, and his resourcefulness! But sometimes you've just gotta have your animal friends close by!

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Paige said...

That is too cute! Animal friends do make naps more fun!