Sunday, May 2, 2010

OC 1/2 Marathon

It was an early morning for Patrick today. We got him out of bed at 5:15am. which is 1.5 hrs earlier than normal. But through the entire process he was his normal, happy self. I have done multiple 1/2 marathons before but none with a double jogging stroller and a 25 lb child. But thanks to training and a wonderful baby jogger stroller the event was a success. Vivian gets a major assist in the event being mom, taxi driver and photographer. It was a sea of people but many people were amazed to see a stroller in the event. I finished the event (with Patrick's help, of course) in 2:16 which is only 4 minutes slower than the last 1/2 marathon I did sans Patrick. It is a complete joy to have a 19-month old that loves being outdoors and doing runs with me. At the beginning of the morning he was excited to see thousands of people, then he loved going through the back bay and watching the planes come through their flight path. He even thought the mile 10 diaper change was funny since I did it in the jogger.

All in all a very successful event. Enjoy the video slide show from you tube.

You Tube Video Slide Show

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Paige said...

Very cool slideshow! Nice work Jim and Patrick! =)