Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Starts Early

It starts early:
So here we are on a Thursday evening back from the pool, fixing dinner and allowing Patrick to sit down and watch a Little Bear DVD. Little Bear is his favorite out of the 2 he has seen (Thomas the Train being the other) -- These are the benefits of not subscribing to Cox or DirectTV, Dish, etc.

A little Background:
I have a small computer hooked up to the 30" Television screen which is connected to an AMP and then to the stereo speakers. Tonight there was no sound on the DVD. I checked the normal issues, sound on the computer, mute button, AMP in the on position, volume control up etc. But I wasn't finding the problem.

The solution:
So Patrick, who had earlier in the day pressed buttons on the AMP, walks over to the AMP and presses the tape direct button, the one button that brings the sound back on. Both of us laughed and told him how smart he was to figure it out. That's our 21 month old fixing the electronic issues already.

The conclusion:
He is not just pressing buttons. We may not understand it but he does!! Just because he doesn't have full sentences yet doesn't mean the brain is not in overdrive.

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Paige said...

I love this post!!! What a smart guy you are Patrick!