Thursday, October 28, 2010


It is election season here in the USA and everyone is waiting for November 2nd to arrive. What are we most upset about seems to fuel the fire of our voting. But what are we grateful for? Now that is a question that seems worth asking and is missing from our news, movies, schools and every day environment.

I am thankful for my wife and son. Everyday I get to wake up to a happy boy and every night Vivian and I get to put him back to bed. I am always reminded of God's grace every day that Patrick is around. This doesn't mean that it is all roses if you know what I mean.

I am grateful for friends that I don't see or talk to often but are always in my thoughts. Every time I get the Burley out with Patrick, I am reminded of the Kings who gave us the Burley and who are living in Seattle. Patrick has enjoyed the Burley since he was 8 months old. Every time I think of Patrick's adoption I think of the Clement's who live in San Francisco and adopted their son 4 years before Patrick was born. Bruce is a great friend who I was roommates with in College.

I am grateful for my church family, my neighbors and most importantly the God who we worship and who created this universe (without any help from us :))

I am grateful for night riding with Patrick who is happy as long as one of his parents are around. Adventures abound and more are to come I am sure. Life will throw us curves but that will never mean the absence of things to be grateful for.

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