Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decision Time

So the Brady events continue as the nervous system is developing. These events make us nervous (pardon the pun) but she comes out of them on her own as long as you stop feeding her for the moment and sit her up. She is now 6lbs 7oz. She lost 2 oz yesterday which was the first weight loss since being in the NICU. From my perspective that is remarkable as newborns typically loose weight in the first week of life outside the womb. Now the time has come....DECISION TIME!!

Even thought the Brady events have not stopped we can take her home if we feel comfortable. Since these events only happen when she eats and not when she sleeps they are willing and actually encouraging us to take her home. We have decided to wait until Monday and see how the weekend goes. A little more time in the NICU won't hurt anyone :) If nothing out of the ordinary happen it appears that Patrick and I will drive up sometime early next week. Maybe Tue evening. We will make firm plans on Monday.

So it is adventure part 2. She will be at home and we will be a family living in the same house again. Just for the record, 5 weeks apart from each other is difficult. I am not complaining in the least since this is God's plan for her and it was a very easy choice to make. It will be so nice to see her in the room that was prepared for her and see her grow up to be a little sister for Patrick. I guess the bottom line is that the adventure of kids never ends and the adventure of adoption adds another layer to that wonderful adventure.

Here are some recent pics of Eliana along with here room to be!!! The blog won't stop even after she is home so keep reading

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Vivian said...

Thank you, Jim, for keeping everyone updated on Eliana's progress and our journey as a family! E's room looks so elegant for such a little girl! I'll bet she loves it! Thanks for picking up all the pieces in my absence. See you soon!!

MaranathaMommy said...

SO cool. Love her room and her floppy hat! Cannot WAIT to meet her in person!!!!!


Stacey said...

The hat is amazing. Love the room. What little girl wouldn't want to play in it. Prayers are with you all during this time of transition. I am certain Eliana will be fine and worrying is how you know you are good parents. Try not to worry too much. God has this one. Love you all.

Larry Steinke said...
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Larry Steinke said...

She is so beautiful. You are all in our hearts. - Larry

Paige said...

Love the nursery!!! So pretty!