Sunday, November 2, 2014

Already 3 and 6...Where did the time go?

I have to admit that I am not good with this blog thing.  There are plenty of people I know that somehow find the time to update their blogs on a regular basis but such is not the case for this blog. So pardon any spelling or grammar mistakes as I strive to actually publish something!! I do hope that I won't wait 1 year for the next update but only God knows what the schedule will bring!.  So what is important to a blog.  I guess I should ask the readers, whoever they are or wherever they are but I suspect people follow this blog for kid updates and less about the parents, I could be wrong but there you go.  Along with kid updates there is our passion for adoption which is never ending but for now we use that passion to help others along with journey as we seek to raise Godly kids of our own.

Eliana is an amazingly beautiful, super cute and sometimes quite opinionated and stubborn 3 year old.  We love her immensely.  She is thriving in Preschool this year at Stoneybrooke in San Juan Capistrano and enjoying getting to go to her "brother's school".  She is excelling at Gymnastics weekly and doing things that her brother would have never thought of at this age.   She is as much a Daddy's girl as Patrick is a Daddy's boy but I am not worried about Patrick.  She and I on the other hand are in for a journey through life that I can only imagine for now.  File it under the Daddy/Daughter category :)

Patrick is a growing (soon to be taller than one of our adult babysitters) 6 yr old in Kindergarten at Stoneybooke.  He is learning to ride horses, enjoys playing the piano, and building Legos.   It is no surprise that after a Lego themed birthday party we have lots of legos to build.  Our play area might start to look like Lego city very soon.   He loves also getting his limited time playing Asphalt 8 on Dad's computer. He calls it "the hard car game" and we play it together on my computer.  I want to be very careful as we integrate his life into technology and I feel blessed to work in the technology industry as we raise kids in a very tech centered world so I can keep on top of it all.

Life and Family.  We are beyond blessed to have a wonderful group of friends and church family in Aliso Viejo.   Every once in awhile I wonder what it would be like to live in another state but at this time in life I can't imagine leaving what we have here.  And after all, the grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank, as someone once said.  So 15 years after moving into our "Starter house" it looks to be more than just a starter house.

Remember this?:  This is one of Eliana's phrases she uses when she wants to remind me of a game that she wants to play with me.  Along that line, I often use pictures to "Remember this".  They keep me centered in that fact that not only is God in charge of our family but time is flying by so I like to remember where it all started.

So what's the point?!  There are so many blogs to follow, with amazing writers, talking about serious life issues, etc that I almost feel bad posting pictures and family updates. However, I realized recently that if I didn't ever write anything or post any pictures, these kids will be driving cars before the next posting.   Time is short and moving fast so enjoy the updates while I remember to post them.  Post a comment here or on Facebook if you enjoy reading this and seeing the updates.  Until next time ....

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