Friday, October 3, 2008

His first game of "tug of war" and he is not even born!

The short story goes like this. She went to the doctor today and he wants to induce on Monday for normal medical reasons that we are all familiar with such as being 7 days late or more, etc. However, she would rather wait until the "natural" due date hence the tension between Doctor and Patient. But in the end the patient always wins so we are hoping for a natural birth sometime this weekend.

All that means that we still don't know and it could still be anytime this weekend or well into next week (that would be a bummer)

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amo said...

Thanks for posting! I am up in the middle of the night with my own little guy playing 'kickball' in my stomach! I thought I would check too. She's very smart to wait. We had a neighbor who they did a c-section on with a due date that was unknown. Babies lungs weren't developed. He ended up ok, but had to have treatments & stay in the hospital, etc. So I agree that waiting naturally is much better if the date is in question at all.

Besides, our kiddos are for sure now only a week or 2 apart since I am set to deliver on Monday the 13th! Will keep praying for you all. Love, -amo