Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What do we know?

That is a common question that I ask myself, what do we really know? For one, we know that we don't know the real due date. We know that Patrick can't move any lower without coming out. We know that it will be in God's timing and not ours. We know that through this we have been able to serve the birth parents by running errands for them, picking Tim up from his work, helping them with things that a birth mother shouldn't be doing such as carrying heavy loads of laundry from the car to the house down the many many stairs.

So as we all wait, and we thank you for waiting with us, sometimes it is helpful to focus on what we do know as opposed to what we don't know, since the unknown can seem overwhelming at times

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Ace said...

Grow big and healthy Patrick James and come out when the Good Lord is good and ready!