Sunday, December 6, 2009

Music and Me

It is fun watching the development of Patrick in the music world. I don't know if he is "advanced" or just "normal" but from a parents point of view it doesn't really matter. It is a joy to know that he loves music and enjoys the piano. It is our desire, being two musicians, to raise a child that appreciates music and maybe even finds an instrument to play or a love for singing and it seems that God has given us that desire. Enjoy the video


Papa said...

Nana says this is awesome! He's thrilled with the music he is making.
And he looks around as if to say "did you hear that?".
Papa appreciates the fact that Patrick is seemingly trying to learn to play in a manner that adults (parents) appreciate. If this motivation remains - wow - what can be accomplished!!!!

Paige said...

Yo Jim - Great video! Patrick really looks focused and thoughtful about playing. How cool. I bet he'll grow up with some great musical abilities. Oh hey, what program did you use to make the video... that was neat! Cheers, John.