Sunday, December 6, 2009


Patrick took his first steps on Monday, November 23 in his room during evening playtime! Jim and I were both surprised by the three steps and did not capture them on camera. We were having too much fun playing with Patrick! But we knew that there would be more steps to come, so we waited for an opportunity to catch Patrick "in the act" of walking. He is still quite cautious and spends more time crawling and cruising, but his confidence is building daily.

What I love to watch is the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" present in each walking experience. Patrick gets so excited about getting where he is going that he moves a bit too fast for his legs and topples over in a big heap, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying. I think that adult life is a bit like that; we all must learn to relax, take our time, and not rush to the goal without savoring the process.

Well, that's enough Mommy Philosophy for one day! Enjoy our latest "Walking" video. We hope that you are taking time to enjoy the abundance of precious moments in this Christmas season.

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Paige said...

Great walking Patrick!!!