Monday, July 18, 2011

Give me that bottle!

it is that time...34 weeks. It is the appointed time by the doctors based on the collective experience of pre-term babies that the bottle feeding should begin. Another milestone in the little life of Eliana starts today. The perspective on how little she is changes depending on how you look at it. Either she is only 4lbs 8.5 oz as of today OR she is 1 lb 2.5 oz more than she was when she was born. I am amazed as to how alert and active she is and how much more she looks like a fully grown baby as compared to the first time I saw her on day 2. The target for the discharge from the hospital is still the 37th week and at this rate (1 oz/day) she will be close to 6 lbs by the time we take her home.

I have enjoyed the weekend up here in the Bay Area and it will be nice to have Vivian back at home for a few days before she comes back up for another week. Love the baby sitters but I wouldn't want to do this long term!! Patrick had a good time and as a bonus he got to see his cousins James and Luke who were out visiting their grandma in Mountain View. He had a small issue with something that kept him sick and unhappy from 4pm to 1am but after that he was ready to go. We convinced him to sleep some more until 5am but it was all full steam ahead at 5am. Now I am the one that needs some sleep. These are just a few of the ways that God prepares us for what is to come!!

Now onto the fun part. The pictures!! Enjoy


MaranathaMommy said...

She's waving "hi" to me! Hi, Eliana! Can't wait to meet you in person! I have someone I want you to meet and I hope you two like each other just as much as your brother and hers do!

Paige said...

Hello beautiful girl!! Miss you already Eliana, so small and already stealing our hearts! =)