Saturday, July 9, 2011


It is July 9th and Eliana is now 13 days old. She started out in this world at 3 lb 6oz and is now at 3lb 12oz and growing. All signs look good. She is having normal developmental issues that children go through when they are still inside but we are seeing them in person. It is important to realize that they are a normal part of development and to enjoy learning about the amazing growing child that God created.

Vivian is up north going to the hospital everyday and holding Eliana before the feeding time and can hold her for a few hours each time. Patrick and I are hanging out down here until next weekend. We are very thankful for a wonderful friends and sitters that are helping watch Patrick while I work during the week. It sure makes me appreciate how fortunate we are to have Vivian at home instead of having both of us working.

I am learning a lot about how prevalent entropy is in our lives. One day this house is clean and then then next....well you know the rest! There is no stopping it!!!

Patrick and I are looking forward to flying up next weekend and Patrick will really enjoy riding the BART train to see Mommy.

It is really a waiting game. I remember this period of time with Patrick and the most important part is to enjoy the time and not rush it. God has us in this not just for a purpose but on purpose. As much as I want Eliana to be out of the NICU we don't want to miss a moment of this important part of her life. The doctors and nurses are wonderful and the time with the birth family is priceless.

That's all for now. Here are some recent pictures. Thanks for your prayers and support. The community of friends that experience this with us is indeed an important part of the process and we are very grateful for all of you.


ShaWAna said...

All of this is so exciting! Love watching God's plan unfold. THANK YOU for sharing this journey with us. :)

Cynthia said...

So pretty... God is so Good!

MaranathaMommy said...

So glad to be able to share in your joy in the journey. LOVE seeing the pictures of you and your little princess! What a mighty God we serve! Blessings abound.