Sunday, October 28, 2012

It is not about the bike!!

I had time recently to reflect on the meaning of my bicycle rides in various parts of the world (what they did for me, what memories were there, etc.)  Some of the years included milestones in my small world of cycling.  I recall one year where I rode multiple 100-mile bike rides.  On the year of my 40th birthday I rode the alps in Switzerland, France and Italy.  The next year I rode the mountains in Northern Italy for seven days.  These were some epic days: the beauty of the mountains was amazing and the fellow cyclists were supportive and fun.  I marvel that my weekly ride was up and down the beautiful ocean-lined coast of Southern California where people spend thousands of dollars to vacation.  I could go on but by now you are wondering what the point is.  The point came to me today when I went on a bike ride of about 1/4 of a mile (maybe even less.)  But there I was riding down to the end of my housing tract with clip-less pedals and tennis shoes on my mountain bike while pretending to race against Patrick on his tricycle.  It was one of those priceless moments when I realized that it is not about the bike; it is not even about me.  It is about the beauty of a father/son moment.  I am sure there will be others but I have always looked forward to bicycle rides with Patrick and Eliana and this was the start.  The excitement of going over speed bumps (which we call "bump bumps,")  the thrill of seeing Patrick pedal that tricycle hard to "keep up" with Dad,  the fun of just spending time together.  It makes me more than thankful that God through his providence chose to put Patrick and Eliana in our lives.

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