Saturday, November 24, 2012

Active Winter Sports

Active winter sports in southern California are quite different than other parts of the county.   Instead of downhill skiing, cross country skiing, mountain climbing with ice boots etc we have 84F in November.  So a little basketball, soccer and cycling from a toddler variety is in order.  These two kids are growing up quickly so it was time to capture a few moments of video with the kids.  With the help of my Nokia 920 and a beautiful sunny thanksgiving week the following video is the result.  I fully realize that this is the type of thing that parents and relatives enjoy but others not so much.  Regardless I am forever thankful that I get to record these types of memories in video format with such ease and create a timeless memory since I am told that they will be driving and graduating from high school in the blink of an eye

Hope you enjoy the video

ActiveSports from Jim Turner on Vimeo.

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