Sunday, October 12, 2008

Patrick's first trip to see the ocean

Off we went to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach on Sunday afternoon. I am sure Patrick had a great time while we pushed him in the stroller, primarily because he slept through the whole experience. But we had a good time with the grand parents and Patrick out in the beautiful Fall afternoon.

Enjoy some pictures...there are more at google so click on the following link

More Pictures from Crystal Cove


Pami Kroll said...

Wow, Patrick is lucky... I haven't even been to the beach once this year..

Looks like he liked relaxed!

Hope you guys are enjoying every second. It goes by so fast. Take it all it ~ Pami

cindy and ken said...

wow what a great family. sweet and pretty neat. life can't get any better. lots of love to all and we will see you in person soon. cindy and ken

Paige said...

What a lucky guy Patrick is to live so close to the ocean!!! Love all your new pictures, keep them coming!